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The House in the Glade
The House in the Glade - Vue e-on Image of the Day.
Avalon - Vue e-on Image of the Day.
Heart of the Forest
Heart of the Forest - Vue e-on Image of the Day.
New in the Art Gallery
The House in the Glade
The House in the Glade - a fairytale-like seasonal fall image.
Searching for the Gods
Searching for the Gods - a shaman searches the lands for the Gods.
Fate of a Kingdom
Fate of a Kingdom - kingdoms may rise and fall by the sword.
New Stuff in the Shop
The Badlands Lights
The Badlands Lights - Lighting for use in Poser.
The Badlands Backgrounds
The Badlands Backgrounds - created for personal or commercial use.
The Forest Deep Lights
The Forest Deep Lights - Lighting for use in Poser.

Browse through original and beautiful digital artwork, divided into themes of high fantasy, warriors, medieval fantasy, landscapes, elves, fairies, the seasons and more.

You can choose to license a single image or multiple images for your personal or commercial projects at very reasonable fees. There is over 200, hi-resolution digital images for your games, book covers or character portraits. You can be assured of using royalty free digital art for your personal or commercial project.

Interested in buying art prints, cards of gift items made from my art? My artwork is available in prints and more from the following sites:

Buy Art Prints at Imagekind
Buy Art Prints at Society6
Prints, Cards and more at Fineart America

Feel free to take a tour! Start here!

If you are looking for a commission consider working with me. Fantasy art is my thing and I have been in the business of dealing one-on-one with clients for years, both in digital art and web design. I love what I do and I do not post commissions to my website or anywhere else if a client makes clear such a preference. (Though it's really great if you let me!) So go ahead, see what I can do for you.

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In my spare time (yes, I do have it on occasion) I make lights to use in a 3D program called Poser. Light is my thing in digital art; I spend a great deal of time outside and always observe the light. It is one of those things that can make or break an image, so feel free to check out my lights if you are a Poser user!

I also offer premade digital backgrounds to use in your own artwork, whatever sort of digital art you create.

Go ahead and browse my online boutique!